Axia Element FAQs

Where are the adjustments for the mic EQ on Element?

You can make adjustments for the mic EQ in the Element Control Center, the console's web-based configurator. From the main screen, click on Sources & Profiles, then Source Profiles. Choose the source profile of the mic that you wish to adjust. At the bottom of the page, you will find the EQ controls.

When I change sources on my Element console, the channel number above the fader sometimes changes to an 'X'. What does this mean?

This is the Element source sharing feature, warning you that the source you've selected is in use on another console. If you press Options for the channel with the "X," then scroll to that source in the source list, you can see which other studio has control of that source. This is to prevent you from taking control of a source that someone else is using, and perhaps taking them off the air! If the source list tells you "none" (as in, the source is not in use elsewhere), but there is still an "X" displayed, please be sure that the "sharable" setting on the Source Profile page is set to "No".

What are some solutions for extending DVI monitor cables within the studio?

The Tech Tip in our March 2011 eNews featured some solutions for extending DVI monitor cables within the studio (if you didn't see it, you can read it at ). Afterward, we received some helpful information from one of our readers that we thought was worth passing on: "Hi fellows this is Enrique from Prom TV Argentina, i would like share with you our experience with DVI cable. As we know DVI cable is for connect Power Station (main) with operator monitor, so if the maximum length between Power Station and Element Surface is 15 foot (DC CAN/Bus cable maximum length recommended) DVI cable must be similar. So we bought a high quality 15 foot HDMI-HDMI (full HD compliant) and two DVI female to HDMI male adapters. This is working properly since 1 year ago. "I hope this help somebody to choose the right cable. "Regards everyone - Enrique Spotti, Soluciones Tecnicas, Prom Tv - Mediacenter"

Is there any actual mixing going on in an Element, or can I take it offline to swap out a module?

All audio mixing is actually done within the StudioEngine, so you can certainly take your Element offline and it won't affect the audio being generated in that studio. But Element modules are hot-swappable, so there's no need to take the whole mixer offline just to replace one module!

How can we assign our Element's PREVIEW bus to the main monitors in the control room?

You can do this using VMIX. Assign the CR Mon channel and the Preview bus channel to channels 1 and 2 of a VMIX. Turn them on and send that VMIX output to your CR Mon speakers. The built-in logic, muting, and dim features of the preview and CR Mon channel will pass through the VMIX and work just as you would expect. If you need familiarization with VMIX, there is a chapter in the Element/PowerStation manual with plenty of information.

Can we have split audio in the phone recorder?

Like many facilities, we took the left channel and made it the Jocks voice from the prefader mic... and the right was caller only. We then summed them together for playback. The advantage here, is that you haElement makes it VERY easy to do this!Take the PGM4 Record bus and bring it into VMODE, panning it L or R (whichever you want). Then send the caller audio into another VMODE, panning to the opposite channel. Once you do that, you will sum the two VMODEs in a VMIX generating a new stereo channel that you can feed the recorder that will have a L/R split. Be sure, on the Source Profile for playback of your VMIX stream, that you SUM the two channels.For more on VMIX and VMODE, see the Element manual.

Can I share show profiles across two different Elements?

Yes. Export the Show Profile settings using Element's Customize option in the Element Control Center. Do this on the Element that you're copying the Show Profile from, and the one you want to copy it to. Backing up the console's configuration gives you an XML file; open the files from your source Element and target Element with an appropriate editor and carefully copy all of the Show Profile settings from one to the other. Be sure to save your work. Once you restore the newly saved XML file to the destination Element, that profile will become available.