25-Seven Announces Voltair 2.0

Powerful New Features added to the Voltair™ Watermark Monitor / Processor

11 September 2015 Cleveland Ohio, USA

25-Seven® Systems, developer of the groundbreaking Voltair watermark monitor / processor that’s set U.S. radio stations buzzing, has announced a planned September 22 release of Voltair version 2.0 software.

Says 25-Seven Systems founder Geoff Steadman, “Version 2.0 for Voltair is all about monitoring and metrics. Our users will be really impressed with the new visibility tools in this major release. Using v2.0 software, stations and groups will be able to monitor encoding quality metrics in real time at both local and enterprise levels. With this access, programmers can build and extract encoding history data for correlation with playlists, ratings numbers and other important metrics. Stations who were provided with early copies of the release told us that Voltair v2.0 may just contain the richest set of programming information tools ever provided by a broadcast device.”

Evaluation versions of Voltair v2.0 software have been running at multiple facilities since June. The extensive field-testing has gathered very favorable feedback, and 25-Seven plans a wide release of the new software on September 22, 2015.

“Data-driven programmers have been vocal about their desire to see and use for themselves the same information we use to build Voltair’s confidence display,” says Steadman. “This new capability is for programmers who require even deeper levels of data analysis. We expect that some clients will use it to build extensive analytic tools for centralized Voltair monitoring”.

In addition to the option for deep-data reporting, Voltair v2.0 software adds new standard features to Voltair clients’ toolkits, such as the ability to monitor system health via IP, an enhanced web interface, and other performance enhancements. A major revision to the Voltair user manual will be part of the release. Version 2.0 will be provided at no charge to all Voltair users.

Voltair clients can request the new software from Telos Alliance Technical Support beginning September 22. Visit www.TelosAlliance.com/support for contact details.

For more information about Telos Alliance products, visit www.TelosAlliance.com. For media information, contact Shane Toven at Shane.Toven@TelosAlliance.com or call +1 216-241-7225.

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