The Telos Alliance Omnia.9sg Stereo Generator Software Update

The Telos Alliance Omnia.9sg Stereo Generator Software Update Improves Clipping and Reception for Loud, Clean Sound

CLEVELAND, OH – 27 September 2016 

The Telos Alliance®—leader in broadcast radio technology and parent company to Telos®, Omnia®, Axia®, 25-Seven®, Linear Acoustic®, and Minnetonka™—announced today a software update for its Omnia.9sg Stereo Generator. The free upgrade—V3.15.50—offers improved clipper performance, tools for improved reception and multipath management, UECP support for RDS, and more. 

First and foremost is an improved clipper that is capable of an additional 0.5dB of loudness compared with the previous version, and with even less distortion. This is especially evident on voice when the clipper is pushed hard for maximum loudness. Omnia significantly reduced clipper-induced intermodulation distortion, preventing low-frequency content from causing audible distortion on higher frequencies. Beyond its ability to deliver even less distortion, the new clipper can also be used as a means to shape the texture of the audio to help create a station’s signature sound.

“The 'feel’ of any given radio market, as well as the objectives of program directors and engineers, often includes using the clipper as a creative tool to craft a particular sound,” says Geoff Steadman of Omnia Audio. “This clipper gives our customers that flexibility and proves that you can be both loud AND clean, and still use the clipper in a way that previously would have created objectionable distortion.” 

Improvements to managing and reducing multipath distortion include an additional SSB (single sideband) mode that maintains near full stereo reception, even on receivers that quickly switch to mono during normal SSB operation. Additionally, Omnia also introduced “Stokkemask” clipping per the ITU-R SM-1268 standard, which dynamically controls RF bandwidth with unprecedented accuracy. 

Finally, Omnia added support for the standardized UECP protocol to the RDS generator, providing the ability to transmit ancillary data via the RDS signal and flexibly address all encoders or specific encoders. 

A revised user manual is available on the Omnia.9sg product page of the Telos Alliance website. V3.15.50 has been shipping in new Omnia.9sg units since June 2016. To obtain the update for existing units, please contact customer support via e-mail at or by calling +1-216-622-0247

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