25-Seven Voltair Receives Award at NAB 2015

Revolutionary Watermark Monitor/Processor Awarded Best of Show by Radio World

12 May 2015, Cleveland OH, USA

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For over 10 years, 25-Seven Systems has introduced category-defying products to the industry, specifically designed to address unique challenges faced by broadcasters. The story of 25-Seven began with the Audio Time Manager (ATM), a product that took advantage of high quality time compression and expansion algorithms to allow broadcasters far more flexibility in placing spots and meeting network time posts. It continued with the Program Delay Manager (PDM), a first of its kind Audio over IP enabled profanity delay, which includes PD-Alert®, a patented feature that e-mails before/after clips of dumped audio to station staff and management. The next innovation came with Precision Delay, the first high-resolution delay to allow automatic HD Radio® diversity delay alignment with feedback from a connected modulation monitor.

NAB 2015 saw the public introduction of what may possibly be the biggest revolution in specialized monitoring and processing for broadcasters yet—Voltair. Ever since the introduction of watermarking for ratings measurement, broadcasters have really not had much insight into the process or the ability to specifically make informed decisions about their audio with watermarking in mind. With nearly 400 units already in the field and numerous positive reports from stations, Voltair has truly been a game changer. A panel of industry professionals from Radio World agreed and presented Voltair with a “Best of Show” award from among the products nominated for consideration.

“We were honored to be presented with this award,” said 25-Seven Systems Founder Geoff Steadman, “Voltair has certainly generated a considerable amount of discussion and it’s apparent that the industry recognizes how groundbreaking this is.”

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