AVRA Becomes Newest Axia Audio Livewire™ Partner

Video-Enabled Radio Delivery System Certified For Use With Axia IP-Audio Networks

26 February 2015, Cleveland OH, USA

Miami, Florida-based AVRA.tv (www.AVRA.tv), a new content delivery system for radio stations that boasts integrated audio-visual capabilities and delivery of broadcasters’ content streams directly to listeners’ smartphones via a dedicated app, has become the latest addition to the extensive list of Axia Audio Software Partners.

According to Antonio Calderon, General Manager of AVRA, “AVRA is the evolution of radio. By adding video server capabilities, a new world of opportunities appears for broadcasters, audiences and clients. For the first time, using AVRA’s interactive features, listeners can be part of the on-air experience.”

Calderon continues: “It makes sense for AVRA to become an Axia Partner, since the majority of radio stations that have AoIP equipment use Axia Livewire networking. Livewire’s architecture allows audio and metadata to be associated and easily transported in a single data stream throughout broadcast facilities — which makes it a perfect fit with the combined audio, video and data capabilities of the AVRA system.”

As an Axia Software Partner, AVRA is authorized to bundle the Livewire IP-Audio Driver with its products, allowing direct connection of its computer-based playout systems to Axia networks, and communication with products from dozens of other Livewire hardware and software partners.

Nearly 80 Axia partners, including companies such as Nautel, AudioScience, VoxPro, BSI, Telos Systems, Omnia Audio, 25-Seven Systems and RCS Sound Software offer broadcast hardware and software that connects directly with Livewire networks. More than 5,500 radio studios are equipped with Axia AoIP networks, and over 60,000 Livewire-equipped devices are in daily service.

Livewire is the broadcast networking standard developed by Axia parent Telos Systems, which utilizes Ethernet to provide an easy way to route and share audio and logic throughout the broadcast plant. Livewire satisfies all the requirements of the AES-67 networking interoperability standard. Axia products are AES-67 compliant.

To find out more about Axia Audio, or about becoming an Axia Partner, contact Clark Novak at clark.novak@TelosAlliance.com, or call +1 216-241-7225.

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About Axia Audio

Axia Audio, a part of The Telos Alliance, builds Ethernet - based professional IP - Audio products for broadcast, sound - reinforcement and commercial audio applications. Along with the Fusion, Eleme nt, iQ, Radius, DESQ and RAQ AoIP consoles for on - air, commercial production, audio workstations and personal studios, Axia products include intercom systems, digital audio routers, DSP mixer s and processors, and software for configuring, managing and inte rfacing networked audio systems.

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