Axia Seeks Mac Users

Axia IP-Audio Driver for OS X™ beta software now available

14 November 2008, Cleveland, OH USA

Broadcasters seeking the power of the Axia IP-Audio Driver for their Apple™ computer are in luck: Axia Audio has just announced a beta-software release for Mac users.

Prospective beta-testers must have an Apple computer with an Intel CPU, must have OS X v10.5 or higher installed, and must have access to an Axia IP-Audio Network to connect to.

The retail version of the Axia IP-Audio Driver for Windows® makes it possible for broadcasters to extract premium quality digital audio from a standard PC — without the need for a sound card. A PC with the IP-Audio Driver becomes an Axia “audio node”; its Ethernet port connects directly to the Livewire network, and the Axia driver handles all necessary audio conversions. The PC can then send stereo audio to any network destination, and can simultaneously record or audition any other network source as well. Two versions are available: a one-input, one-output version for use with audio editing workstations, and a 24-in/24-out version available directly from Axia Delivery System partners.