BSW Now Selling Axia IP-Audio Gear

New technology Axia products are “on target” for clients.

27 September 2004, Cleveland, OH USA

Broadcast Supply Worldwide (, the highly-successful Washington-based audio equipment supplier, is the latest in the growing corps of Axia Audio representatives.

The Axia IP-Audio studio products allow broadcasters to build audio networks of any size, quickly and easily, using standard switched Ethernet to connect a few rooms — or an entire facility. An Axia audio network can carry hundreds of digital stereo audio channels over standard CAT-6 cables, eliminating much of the cost and time normally associated with wiring labor and infrastructure. Axia networks are constructed using a family of “audio nodes” that convert audio into data streams, allowing easy networked transport and mixing of digital, analog and microphone audio. A special driver for Windows® PCs allows audio delivery systems and workstations to send digital audio directly to the network via their Ethernet ports for use anywhere in the facility, eliminating the expense of PC sound cards.

"Axia's technology expands into a bold new area of broadcast engineering to offer a complete, integrated studio solution, customizable using an easy 'building block' approach," said Tim Schwieger, BSW President. "Our customers have indicated a willingness to deploy new technology, and Axia products are right on target."

"BSW is delighted to offer Axia products to our customers. It’s only natural to expand on our already successful relationship with Telos and Omnia, given their proven track record of innovation and product support."

"It’s great to have BSW on board," says Axia President Michael Dosch. "Their reputation in the broadcast industry is excellent, and their sales and service people are some of the best in the business."

Using Axia adapter nodes, clients can eliminate routing switchers, cable snakes, distribution amps, PC sound cards, and miles of discrete audio cabling. The nodes are placed throughout the broadcast plant, near source and target equipment. All interconnections are via Ethernet; configuration and administration are done using any standard Web browser. For control of Axia networks that serve multiple studios, optional PathfinderPC (R) software provides a powerful, easy-to-use interface for design and administration of complex cross-point switching networks. For more information, contact Clark Novak at Axia, +1-216-241-7225, or e-mail


Axia, a Telos company, builds network-based professional audio products for broadcast, production, sound-reinforcement and commercial audio applications. Products include digital audio routers, DSP mixers and processors and software for configuring, managing, and interfacing networked audio systems.