CCTV Chooses LA-5269

CCTV Chooses Linear Acoustic® LA-5269 Dolby® Digital/Plus Transcoders



Chinese Central Television (CCTV), the predominant state television broadcaster in mainland China, has put the Linear Acoustic LA-5269 Dolby Digital/Plus Transcoder on the air at its newly-built "100% HD-ready" broadcast facilities in Beijing.

"The Linear Acoustic LA-5269 Dolby Digital/Plus Transcoder plays a critical role in the MCR at CCTV's new facility," said Mr. Xu Gangming, Director of CCTV's Transmission Department. "It has not only simplified the system structure, but also provides stable, high performance 5.1-channel surround encoding for our HD channels. It fits the rigorous requirements of handling audio metadata and supporting the top quality program production and distribution we demand at CCTV."

The LA-5269 can encode, decode, and transcode all of the most popular multichannel audio formats in use by television broadcasters today. Metadata is supported via an RS485 connection and can be extracted from an applied HD- or SD-SDI signal. Dual redundant internal power supplies are standard; SNMP and Dolby E decoding are available options.

Ability to properly handle program metadata is a top priority for CCTV. Most of their programming relies upon static metadata, but from time to time the ability to handle dynamic metadata is required. The LA-5269 handles both types with ease, a feature that played a big part in the decision to choose Linear Acoustic. The ability to accept SDI input, which simplifies workflow in the new plant, was also an influential factor.

Daniel Wang, Linear Acoustic Senior Business Development Manager, Asia, says the company's reputation for providing excellent support was also a determining factor in choosing the LA-5269. "We've been working side by side with the CCTV engineers since the early design phase of the project, doing our best to help make their transition to HD as smooth as possible," Wang said.

Linear Acoustic LA-5269 transcoders are already in operation at Chinese Central Television on CCTV-3 (Arts and Entertainment), CCTV-5 (Sports), and CCTV-8 (Series Television), and will eventually be installed on all twenty-four CCTV HD channels, which are accessible to more than one billion viewers.

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