Cutting Edge Takes Big Bite of the Big Apple

Top Stations Choose Processor

24 September 1999, New York, NY USA

The numbers are in, and it’s official: the Digital Audio Processor is the big winner in New York’s summer ratings sweep. Four of the top five stations in the New York metro rely on to for critical final audio processing (stations ranked according to quarterly ratings published by Arbitron).

“ is the choice of winning broadcasters because it delivers the clean, loud sound they need to win the ratings war,” commented Frank Foti, President of Cutting Edge. “Proper processing is critical to increasing TSL and overall ratings. Stations want their signal to be loud, but not harsh or fatiguing. We think it says a lot that in the nation’s #1 market, the majority of top stations choose to ensure their signal quality.” is the revolutionary all-digital audio processor that uses the full potential of digital signal processing for a sound free of “digital grunge.” Among its notable characteristics is a selectable composite clipper with phase linear composite low pass filter. This function makes the Processor capable of employing composite clipping while maintaining an ultra-clean spectrum in the SCA range—something formerly unavailable in any audio processor. Additionally, is entirely configured in software, and can be easily upgraded or extended with software “plug-ins” via PC Card (PCMCIA). A second PC Card slot is available for remote modem access.

To find out more about the amazing, visit Telos Systems / Cutting Edge in booth #937 at the 107th Audio Engineering Society Convention in New York, New York from September 24 through September 27.


Telos Systems is a leading manufacturer of ISDN, digital network and telephone interface products for talk-show programming, call-in radio segments, teleconferencing, audio production, remote broadcasts, and internet applications. Telos is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, with satellite operations throughout the US as well as Canada and Europe. To find out more about Telos Systems, call +1 (216) 241-7225, or browse

Cutting Edge, a Telos company, is world-renowned for its innovative digital audio signal processing expertise. Its Omnia family of digital audio processors for FM, AM, TV, DAB, Internet, and broadcast audio production are setting new standards for audio quality in the broadcast and Internet industries worldwide. To find out more about Cutting Edge, call +1 (216) 241-3343, or browse

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