Caller-Intense Stations Rely On The Telos TWOx12 Multi-Line

Caller-Intense Stations Rely On The Telos TWOx12 Multi-Line Talkshow System

SAN FRANCISCO, September 20, 2000

Radio stations across the U.S. who handle a large volume of callers for contests and talk shows are simplifying their operations and improving their on-air sound with the Telos TWOx12 Multi-Line Talkshow System--the latest multi-line telephone system from Telos. The TWOx12 gives users the ability to connect to digital ISDN telephone lines as well as traditional analog POTS lines, and its fast call setup and twelve-caller capacity offers increased flexibility for producers.

Designed for fast-paced shows in competitive markets, the TWOx12 allows broadcasters to take advantage of Telos’ superior hybrid technology in a twelve-line system which includes sophisticated icon-based visual call management, superior audio quality and Caller ID support (when used with digital phone lines) for better control of a station's on-air environment.. The Telos TWOx12 is also the world’s only multi-line system that lets broadcasters upgrade from analog to digital lines at their own pace--with an easy change of interface cards.

Since it began shipping, the TWOx12 has become the choice of market-leading stations such as WCBS-FM and WCBS-AM in New York City. Bob Tarsio, Director of Engineering for Viacom, added two Telos TWOx12 multi-line systems to the recently refurbished WCBS-FM.

“FM stations aren’t usually known for much besides their music, but this station does a huge amount of on-air contests so a multi-line phone system became a very important aspect of the studio build,” explained Tarsio. “We evaluated several systems to find one that is simple to use, sounds good and-- most important—works reliably,” said Tarsio.

“The TWOx12 is a bigger system and can handle more phone lines, and it’s a system that integrates easily into our console so the announcer has one-button control of the phone,” Tarsio noted. “It’s easy to use and simple to set-up, and it worked right out of the box.”

New Century Media, part of the Ackerley Group, purchased and installed five Telos Systems' TWOx12 Multi-line Talkshow Systems for its four-station group in Seattle. The four stations--highly-rated Urbanformatted KUBE-FM; Mix 95.7 (KJR-FM); sports-talk KJR-AM and KHHO-AM-- began broadcasting from new studios in July, and CE John Miller notes that the routinely large number of call-ins meant upgrading the phone system.

"The high audio quality of the ISDN lines was a dramatic improvement; the Telos TWOx12 has a wonderful sound and everybody--including the talent--loves it. We have a high volume of calls and lots of different users, all of whom were able to operate the system with basic training." Miller noted.

Michael Black, GM of station WEOS in Geneva, NY (who also produces the NCAA Lacrosse Radio Network) says one of the best features of the Telos TWOx12 is its flexibility. “The TWOx12 gives us the ability to use ISDN the same way we would use POTS, with each ISDN line giving us two phone lines per copper pair. The system is capable of mixing ISDN and POTS lines in the same unit, giving us up to 12 lines, plus user control surfaces that feature combined telephone, speaker phone and control capabilities,” Black explained.

“The control surfaces are very flexible and can be configured according to desired function--which makes for less work space clutter in the control room and provides a lot of versatility in operations.”

The Telos TWOx12 is being featured, along with other Telos products, in Booth #1906 at the NAB Radio Show in San Francisco, September 20-22. For additional information on the Telos TWOx12, browse

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