Denver's KVOQ-AM Gets Results with Omnia ONE Multicast for HD

10 January 2012, Cleveland Ohio, USA

Robert Hensler, VP of Engineering for Colorado Public Radio, recently needed to address the HD processing of CPR's AM station KVOQ, Denver.

After examining numerous options, his solution was to upgrade to an Omnia ONE Multicast.

The reason?

"It was the Sensus™ technology in the Omnia ONE which made the difference" said Robert. "It is especially challenging to deal with the reduced bitrate of the AM station, and the Omnia ONE is by far the best option out there. The setup was easy. We went with a standard preset and were up and running in no time. We are big fans of Omnia processing solutions at Colorado Public Radio, and the Omnia ONE's outstanding results on KVOQ 's HD channel comes as no surprise to us".

An Omnia exclusive technology, SENSUS minimizes artifacts as well as restores the fullness and depth that bit-reduction steals. Our DSP gurus teamed up with the codec experts at Telos, the folks who introduced broadcasters to MP3 and MPEG AAC, and together, they developed SENSUS, a unique way of processing your audio to pre-condition it for HD Radio multicasting, specifically tailoring it for the bitrate that you will be using.

Wideband gain rider followed by Four Bands of AGC, Four Bands of limiting, SENSUS and Omnia's proven low-distortion look-ahead Final Limiter.

Time-aligned, dynamically flat crossovers, selectable phase rotator, analog, AES3 and Livewire I/O, automatic input failover on loss of audio, Ethernet, RS-232 modem and GPIO remote control.

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