Harnack, Sacks rise to new roles for Telos Alliance

Harnack, Sacks rise to new roles for Telos Alliance

21 January, 2013 Cleveland Ohio, USA

Telos Alliance CEO Frank Foti has announced the move of Kirk Harnack and Marty Sacks to new positions within the Telos organization.

Mr. Harnack, formerly VP, Telos Products, is now Vice President and Executive Director of the Telos Systems brand. Mr. Sacks, previously VP, Business Development, becomes Vice President and Executive Director of the Axia Audio division.

"The Telos Alliance has grown steadily over the past few years," comments Foti, "and as our recent acquisition of 25-Seven Systems shows, we‘ not done growing. It goes without saying that our Telos and Axia Audio divisions are a huge part of that growth - which is why Kirk and Marty, having been essential spurs to that growth, are such perfect choices to guide these divisions into the future."

Marty Sacks grew up in radio, beginning as an engineer at WPGC in Washington, D.C. in 1976. Sacks came to Telos as National Sales Director in 1999, and as VP of Axia Audio since 2006, has been responsible for managing the rapid growth and acceptance of that brand.

Prior to joining Telos as the "product evangelist" for Omnia Audio in 2001, Kirk Harnack held positions as a chief engineer, owned his own radio stations, and served as a contract engineer. In his time with Telos, he has leveraged that experience in marketing, sales, and product development.

Mr. Sacks may be contacted through e-mail at marty.sacks@telosalliance.com; Mr. Harnack at kirk.harnack@telosalliance.com. Both may be reached by telephone at +1 216-241-7225. For media information, please contact Clark Novak at The Telos Alliance at clark.novak@telosalliance.com.


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Print-quality photographs of Marty Sacks (left) and Kirk Harnack (right) may be downloaded from the Telos Press Gallery at Telos-Systems.com/press-gallery/


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