Joel Singer Keeps Grammys Compliant with LQ-1 Loudness Meter

Music Mix Mobile, the renowned mobile production company, has chosen the Linear Acoustic® LQ-1™ Loudness Meter for use in their mobile trucks. Joel SingerJoel Singer, the Grammy Award-winning co-founder and technical engineer of M3, became intrigued by the LQ-1 after numerous failed attempts to emulate their favorite but discontinued meter. "We tried all of the plug-ins that were supposed to match the original meter we knew and loved, but they just weren't the same," Singer explained. "The LQ-1 turned out to be the perfect replacement."

Describing the unit as a "visually friendly device", Singer loves that the LQ-1 makes it easy for him to keep an eye on loudness out of the corner of his eye while working on other things. Having used the meter to help create a compliant mix of the recent Grammy Awards and the Country Music Association Awards, Singer says "that's important when you're concentrating on the mix and trying to watch video at the same time. There's little rehearsal time for live programs, so the meter has to be easy to use and read."

Singer also appreciates the flexible input and output options of the LQ-1. "I can feed any signal I might encounter right into it - AES, optical, even analog or SDI - all without having to reach for external boxes to convert. The I/O is brilliant."

The LQ-1 supports all ITU loudness metering standards, including BS.1770-1/2/3, and

includes Dolby® Dialogue Intelligence™. In addition to SDI, AES, analog and TOSLINK™ inputs, LQ-1 also offers a DVB-ASI mode to allow audio to be sourced from a selected PID. Decoding for Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and Dolby E is standard.