Judges say: Axia iProFiler is "Cool"

Networked audio logging program wins industry kudos at NAB 2006

12 June 2006, Cleveland, OH USA

iprofiler pressiProFiler, the newest product from Axia Audio, has begun winning awards even before its release, collecting a coveted Radio World Cool Stuff Award at its introduction during the 2006 NAB Convention in Las Vegas.

The “Cool Stuff” Award is given annually by a panel of engineers and industry experts on behalf of Radio World newspaper at the NAB convention in Las Vegas. Radio World U.S. Editor in Chief Paul J. McLane says receiving the "Cool Stuff" Award means a product is deemed notable for its design, features, cost efficiency and performance in serving radio users.

iProFiler, a powerful multi-channel audio archiving / logging program, works with Axia IP-Audio networks to capture and store up to 16 stereo audio channels (or 32 mono channels) of time-stamped MP3 audio without audio cards. iProFiler uses a PC’s Ethernet port to record audio streams directly, eliminating the expense and hassles of computer soundcards.

iProFiler features include:

  • An integrated logging scheduler that allows automatic audio capture at pre-determined times.
  • Fast audio retrieval from time-stamped audio stored in easy-to-search 15 minute blocks.
  • Easy selection and export of audio for external editing.
  • Per-stream choice of any standard MP3 bit rate – from 8 kbps to 320 kbps – that allows you to specify the quality/drive space ratio that best suits your needs.
  • The ability to automatically upload archives to an FTP server or to any external drive or device including network storage drives, CD-ROM or other removable media.
  • Remote administration and monitoring of disk space and audio presence.
  • Users can directly email extracted audio, a convenient way of supplying commercial clients with proof-of-play.

Axia IP-Audio networks enable broadcasters to build audio networks of any size using standard switched Ethernet to connect a few rooms — or an entire facility. The Axia product line includes the popular Element and SmartSurface control surfaces, a family of “audio nodes” to interface with microphone, analog line and AES/EBU devices, IP-Audio drivers to eliminate PC soundcards, DSP mixing/processing engines, and PathfinderPC matrix control PC software.

Axia iProFiler requires a 2.4 GHz Pentium-IV (or equivalent) server with Windows™ 2000 or Windows XP, 512 Mb RAM and 100 GB free storage space (minimum configuration to record eight simultaneous stereo streams; more streams require additional system resources). iProFiler includes the Axia IP-Audio Driver, and will retail for $1,295.00 US MSRP. Availability is set for 3rd Quarter, 2006.


Axia, a Telos company, builds Ethernet-based professional IP-Audio products for broadcast, production, sound-reinforcement and commercial audio applications. Products include digital audio routers, on-air control surfaces, DSP mixers and processors and software for configuring, managing, and interfacing networked audio systems.