Linear Acoustic® Partners with Verance on Open ACR Technology

Groundbreaking Technology for Delivering Enhanced Video Experiences to be Demonstrated on the Aero Platform at the ATSC Technology Pavilion, NAB 2015 April 13-16

9 April 2015, Cleveland OH, USA


Verance Corporation, the market leader in premium watermarking solutions, today announced it has partnered with Linear Acoustic® to integrate VP1, the world’s first open solution for first-screen ACR (Automatic Content Recognition), into the AEROfamily of real-time and file-based TV station audio processors. 

VP1 was submitted by Verance to the Advanced Television Systems Committee in response to its Call for Proposals for ACR Watermarking Systems in May 2014. Following an evaluation of all submissions, the ATSC TG3/S33 Specialist Group on Management and Protocols recommended VP1 for standardization within the ATSC 3.0 specifications, which are anticipated to be issued in 2016.

VP1 provides television broadcasters with the world’s first open architecture system for first-screen Automatic Content Recognition (ACR), enabling delivery of the full suite of broadband-enabled next-generation television features, including personalized viewing, onscreen interactivity, dynamic advertising and viewing measurement.

For viewers tuned into an over-the-air broadcast, these broadband-enabled features will be activated in their receiver via signaling included in the broadcast signal. For viewers who receive their broadcast content via cable, satellite and OTT services, the existing delivery systems and consumer electronics interfaces provide no mechanism for carriage of this signaling information. 

ATSC identified that standardization of ACR watermarking technology for this purpose would provide a reliable, compatible and transparent mechanism for delivery of this information by any broadcaster to any manufacturer’s receiver.

Linear Acoustic AERO audio processors are deployed in hundreds of television broadcast stations in the US and internationally, where they provide loudness management, Nielsen embedding and emission coding functions. VP1 embedding has been activated in AERO devices for use by broadcasters participating in technology trials during the standardization process and will become more broadly available as VP1 specifications are finalized. Verance will be demonstrating embedding of VP1 in broadcast audio using a Linear Acoustic AERO unit from April 13-16 at the NAB Show’s ATSC Technology Pavilion (LVCC North Hall Booth N5738).

“The AERO platform has the power and flexibility to support the audio processing needs of broadcasters now and into the future,” said Tim Carroll, CTO of the Telos Alliance and founder of Linear Acoustic. “VP1 integrates seamlessly with the existing AERO device functionality and the ATSC 1.0 environment, so our customers can begin exploring the capabilities of the technology today. We have been impressed with the maturity, sound quality and accuracy of the Verance technology and look forward to working with our broadcast customers as they introduce VP1 to enable the next-generation of video services.” 

Nil Shah, Chief Executive of Verance, added, “Our partnership with Linear Acoustic is a critical step toward fulfilling ATSC’s vision for delivering a powerful new platform for broadcasters. VP1 can bring all of the benefits of modern digital platforms—interactivity, personalization, dynamic advertising and viewer measurement—to every next-generation broadcast viewer, regardless of how they receive programming.”


Linear Acoustic continues to lead the industry toward high quality DTV audio that is naturally compliant. The company designs and manufactures the AERO™ range of real-time and file-based loudness managers, UPMAX® upmixing and downmixing solutions, and the LQ™ series of loudness metering products. It is part of radio and television audio technology company The Telos Alliance, headquartered in Cleveland, with additional offices around the world.


Verance Corporation is the worldwide leader in premium watermarking technology and solutions. Verance technologies have been adopted as standards by the motion picture industry for the protection of theatrical and home entertainment motion pictures in the Blu-ray Disc and 4K formats and by the worldwide recording industry for protection of content in the DVD-Audio and SD-Audio formats. Verance’s industry standard watermarking solutions are licensed by over 100 consumer electronics, computer software, and semiconductor companies worldwide and are incorporated in over 200 million consumer devices.

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