Livewire Wins Dual Awards at NAB

22 April 2003, Cleveland, OH USA

Livewire, the new Audio-over-Ethernet solution introduced by Telos Systems, gathered awards from two major broadcast technology magazines at the 2003 NAB convention in Las Vegas.

Radio World’s Cool Stuff award and BE Radio Magazine’s Pick Hit award are given to the best new products shown at the NAB. Livewire’s unique approach to real-time networking of studio audio using standard Ethernet cabling and switched hubs earned awards from both publications.

Livewire is the world’s first audio network designed specifically for broadcast studios, conveying multiple simultaneous audio and peripheral data streams over standard Ethernet hardware. A single CAT-5 or fiber link reliably delivers multiple audio channels plus control, program-associated-data, VoIP telephone, and computer data. Livewire uses switching Ethernet hubs to guarantee audio Quality of Service (QoS), resulting in extremely low latency and enabling real-time monitoring of live audio sources: per-link delay is less than 1ms for high-priority audio signals. As a result, Livewire substantially reduces the infrastructure and costs associated with traditional audio routing methods.

Livewire gives broadcasters all the benefits of a traditional cross-point switcher, without the cost and complexity. Taking advantage of computer industry scale, Ethernet networked audio provides flexibility at a surprisingly low cost, simplifying wiring complexity and replacing sound cards, switchers, patch bays, distribution amplifiers and other discrete audio routing components. A Livewire 100Base-T link can carry 50 bi-directional stereo channels of 48 kHz, 24-bit linear PCM audio; a 1000Base-T link or Gigabit fiber can carry hundreds.

Livewire’s success at NAB marks the third consecutive year a Telos product has received simultaneous Cool Stuff and Pick Hit awards; the Smartsurface Studio Control Surface received both prizes during its introduction at the 2001 NAB Convention, as did the Zephyr Xport POTS + ISDN Codec in 2002. For more information about Livewire, contact Telos directly.


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