Marc Johnson Joins Axia Audio

Axia’s first client becomes Applications Engineer

15 April 2006, Cleveland Ohio, USA

Marc Johnson really likes Axia IP-Audio networking. He likes it so much, in fact, that he not only installed it in his radio station — he came to work for the company.

Marc first became acquainted with Axia as Chief Engineer at Auburn University’s WEGL-FM in Auburn, Alabama. While planning for a rebuild of the public broadcaster’s on-air studio, he found Axia’s scalable, Ethernet-based IP-Audio network technology to be a perfect fit. In the Spring of 2004, WEGL became the US’ first radio station to “go live” 24/7 with IP-Audio studios.

During the WEGL project, Marc developed a close relationship with Axia. After two years working with Axia products in the field, he has joined the Axia team as Applications Engineer. As part of his job, he will work closely with Axia clients, helping determine their needs and design customized IP-Audio networks.

“Since WEGL was the very first installation, I learned from the ground up how Axia works,” says Marc. “I was very impressed with all that IP-Audio networks can accomplish for their users; I saw how Axia equipment could streamline a radio station’s daily operations. It’s world-changing technology.”

“I also got to know the Axia family,” he adds. “They have a true passion for broadcast audio, and a genuine desire to turn their clients into fans. Becoming a part of that family is a natural fit for me.”

“Marc makes an excellent addition to our team,” says Axia President Michael Dosch. “Axia has grown rapidly over the past few years, and Marc will play a vital role in helping continue that growth. He brings with him valuable field knowledge of our products, which gives him the perfect background to assist our clients as they plan their own IP-Audio studios.”

Marc began his broadcasting career in 1996 at Athens Broadcasting’s WZYP-FM, and has been Chief Engineer of WEGL since 2002. He is President of Premier Solutions, a VoIP and network design company based in Auburn, Alabama. Mr. Johnson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Auburn University, and will receive MBA and B.S.E.E. degrees from Auburn in 2007.

Marc will be working from his home office in Auburn, Alabama, and can be reached at +1-334-319-1328, or via email at


Axia, a Telos company, builds Ethernet-based professional IP-Audio products for broadcast, production, sound-reinforcement and commercial audio applications. Products include digital audio routers, on-air control surfaces, DSP mixers and processors and software for configuring, managing, and interfacing networked audio systems.