Minnetonka AudioTools Server Expands Feature Set

Minnetonka AudioTools Server Expands Feature Set with WorkflowEditor and APTO v4

New Features Enhance Workflow and Loudness Control

Las Vegas, NV (April 9, 2018) – Minnetonka AudioTools Server, a key product in the Telos Alliance TV Solutions Group (TVSG) portfolio, is highlighted this week at NAB 2018 (booth #SU2321). New enhancements to Minnetonka AudioTools Server featured this year include WorkflowEditor, which dramatically improves control of workflows, and APTO v4 to easily manage the loudness of real-time audio streams or file-based assets.

“Competitive pressures to accommodate increased content production with more efficient workflows are ever increasing for broadcast and production facilities. Our Minnetonka AudioTools Server platform provides the agility to meet these needs in a single, ready-to-use solution,” said John Schur, President of The Telos Alliance TV Solutions Group. “With its expanded audio automation, the Minnetonka AudioTools Server platform allows users to accelerate content output with new levels of quality.”

WorkflowEditor helps users visualize, edit and control the nuanced parameters of compatible workflows, regardless of complexity. An easy-to-use dashboard allows users to see exactly the path that files will follow as they move through the workflows that they’ve created. The new WorkflowEditor feature allows engineers to easily automate regular, time consuming tasks, freeing up time to focus on more important projects and decreasing turnaround time.

New in Minnetonka AudioTools Server for NAB is the latest version of Linear Acoustic’s industry-leading APTO adaptive loudness control solution. APTO v4 is included as standard for newly-purchased AudioTools Server systems and can manage loudness of real-time audio streams or file-based assets. With expanded real-time adaptive loudness control profiles, APTO v4 maintains regulatory compliance for broadcast, streaming, mobile, and radio applications – in audio formats from mono to 7.1.

Minnetonka AudioTools Server is a complete solution for managing and processing linear PCM, Dolby E, Dolby Digital, and Dolby Digital Plus content, as well as the audio essence in MXF and QuickTime® clips. It provides loudness measurement and correction according to current ITU, EBU & ATSC standards and practices, including dialog anchoring with Dialog Intelligence; enables encoding and decoding using SurCode for Dolby® E, SurCode for Dolby® Pro Logic II & SurCode for Dolby® Digital Plus. Minnetonka AudioTools Server also directly replaces Dolby’s DP600 “program optimizer” hardware, providing a much wider range of functionality.

Other key features of Minnetonka AudioTools Server include channel management and program replacement; watermarking; sample rate conversion; pop, click and dropout detection; and program correlation and channel detection. Upmixing and downmixing to both LtRt and LoRo; validation, modification, correction, and reporting of metadata; and flagging and quarantine of impaired or unacceptable elements are also possible.

Minnetonka AudioTools Server is sold as an individually configured, turnkey software package, designed to address specific workflow needs and use cases. Running on commodity hardware, the platform is flexible, customizable, and immune to obsolescence as workflows and workplace requirements change.


For more information, stop by The Telos Alliance TV Solutions Group’s booth (#SU2321) at NAB or visit www.telosalliance.com/tvsg.

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