New Omnia-6EX Debuts for Digital FM

Parallel-Output Processor for FM and DAB (HD Radio, Satellite Radio & Netcasting)

23 October 2003, Cleveland, OH USA

Omnia-6EXOmnia Audio introduces a new processor for FM broadcasters: Omnia-6EX, with parallel processing paths individually optimized for conventional FM audio and digital transmission chains – especially bit-reduced codecs used with HD Radio/DAB service and satellite systems.

Omnia-6EX adds enhanced processing and fine-tuning controls to the Omnia-6 platform – already considered by many to be the industry’s most powerful processor. Omnia-6EX has a unique parallel processing structure that routes audio from the mixer section to output stages for conventional FM and DAB. The FM section receives distortion-controlled final limiting with pre-emphasis, and an upperfrequency response of 15 kHz. The DAB section has a multi-band Look-Ahead final limiter with userselectable frequency response all the way up to the full audio bandwidth of 20 kHz.

“It’s no secret that clean audio is our passion… we're always researching new ways to process audio and reach new performance levels,” says Omnia President Frank Foti. “Omnia-6EX substantially advances the management and suppression of processing-induced Intermodulation Distortion. New processing algorithms in Omnia-6EX yield cleaner, louder audio for any given amount of processing. And it’s nice to finally be able to put back the last bit of high-end that FM listeners have been missing for so long.”

“We've had Omnia-6EX on the air for a couple of weeks, and Wild 100.3 has never sounded better,” says Dan Kieley, Program Director of Infinity Broadcasting’s KRBV-FM (Wild 100.3/Dallas). “I had the pleasure of being first to put Omnia on in Los Angeles [at KIIS-FM], and now we're first in Dallas with the Omnia-6EX. It’s wide, loud and clean... and I've never heard the bottom end sound like this!"

Among the advanced features included in Omnia-6EX to help users craft their “signature sound:”

  • Enhanced processing algorithms provide crystal-clear processing for solo voices and instruments. Users can choose to boost legendary Omnia loudness to even greater competitive heights with even less distortion.
  • The industry’s most comprehensive set of Bass Management controls, with two new Bass Limiter functions, “Tight” and “Girth”, which give users fine control over low frequency processing.
  • New Bass Limiter algorithms change waveform characteristics based upon frequency, resulting in fuller, richer, and cleaner low-end sound while reducing the audible effect of IMD on stringed instruments and vocals and deeper bass on smaller speakers.
  • A wide range of factory presets – 25 in all – specially tuned to take advantage of the powerful new processing capabilities found in Omnia-6EX. A large variety of format-specific presets help users get up and running quickly.
  • The Input Failsafe feature protects your signal’s continuity by automatically selecting a new audio input source if the primary source fails. For example, an analog source can be used in case of a loss of digital audio.
  • Linux-based front panel software providessmooth real-time metering of audio processes. Encrypted password protection for processing presets increases security and prevents tampering.
  • Network Time Protocol function allows Omnia time to be synchronized to a high-accuracy Internet or local external time servers using a network connection.

Leading radio stations around the world prefer Omnia-6 audio processors, which feature 6 bands of limiting, 5 AGC bands(with adjustable crossovers) plus wideband AGC, twin full-color active-matrix displays with integrated Dorrough™ Loudness Meters, flexible remote control via Ethernet, serial or modem connection, and an exclusive plug-in software architecture to facilitate fast, simple software updates.

Recent surveys find Omnia in use on more than half of the 100 highest-rated FM stations in the US – more than all other brands combined. Internationally, Omnia processors are relied upon by Virgin Radio, NRJ, The BBC, Sony, Deutsche Telekom, Bayerischer Rundfunk, WDR, RTL, Skyrock, NRK, YLE and many other leading broadcasters.

Omnia-6EX isshipping now.


Omnia, a Telos company, is world-renowned for its digital audio signal processing expertise. Omnia audio processors for FM, AM, TV, HD Radio & DAB, Internet, and audio production are setting new standards for professional audio quality.

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