New Omnia Audio Processor Debuts at NAB

Popular Omnia ONE now available for AM

April 9, 2008, Cleveland Ohio, USA

In the few short months since its introduction, Omnia ONE has become one of the best-selling audio processors ever, with models for FM and Internet broadcasters flying out the door. Now, AM broadcasters can take advanatage of the power, performance and price of Omnia ONE, too.

“AM stations shouldn’t have to sacrifice audio performance to budget limitations,”.says Omnia President Frank Foti. “That’s why Omnia ONE for AM uses the latest advances in DSP hardware and manufacturing techniques for full four-band AM processing that will help any AM sound like a major-market flamethrower.”

Omnia ONE AM features the processing topology that has made Omnia processing famous, including a wideband AGC / leveler followed by four bands of AGC and a separate (not integrated) four-band limiter section with shared precision linear crossover. Omnia ONE AM also includes an advanced, NRSC compliant, distortion-managed final limiter / clipper with selectable Low Pass filters that support AM HD transmission installations — the same as used in the Omnia ONE’s bigger siblings.

Omnia ONE AM features:

  • Ethernet, RS-232 Modem and GPI remote control ports with built-in Web page interface.
  • Livewire I/O Connectivity now available.
  • Analog XLR balanced inputs and outputs.
  • Digital AES/EBU input, output and external Sync input.
  • Automatic input fail-over on loss of audio.
  • Universal power input.
  • Built-in stereo headphone jack with front-panel level control.
  • Single jog-wheel user interface with LED level metering and LCD screen.
  • Web browser remote interface.
  • Wideband AGC for smooth “hand on the pot” gain riding.
  • Selectable phase rotator.
  • Four-band AGC to add dynamic EQ enhancement for consistency and to build density before the limiter stages.
  • Four-band peak limiter using feedback limiters for the lower two bands (optimized for bass punch and lower midrange warmth) and feed-forward limiters for the upper two bands (optimized for sparkling upper mids and highs).
  • Time-aligned, dynamically flat crossover.
  • Advanced, NRSC pre-emphasized, fully distortion-controlled final limiter/clipper.
  • Selectable low-pass filters suitable for NRSC, HD AM or any ITU installation.

Visitors to NAB 2008 can see and hear Omnia ONE in the Telos / Omnia / Axia display in Booth N7620. Omnia ONE AM is shipping now with an MSRP of $2,995.00 USD. For more information, contact Angi Roberson via email at, via phone at +1-216-241-7225, and visit



This press-ready photo of Omnia ONE can be downloaded from


Omnia, a Telos company, is world-renowned for its digital audio signal processing expertise. Omnia audio processors for FM, AM, TV, HD Radio & DAB, Internet, and audio production are setting new standards for professional audio quality.

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