New Omnia ONE Studio Pro Wins Election for Most Flexible Studio Process

First order of Business: Cutting Your Budget While Delivering Stellar Sound

28 October 2008, Cleveland Ohio, USA

It was a tough race with several well-known candidates.

However, when it came down to actual performance, a star was born when the brand new Omnia ONE Studio Pro broke through the pack.

But like most leaders who sometimes come out of nowhere, this newest member of the best-selling Omnia ONE family is actually based on decades of engineering and real-world research, sharing the same pedigree that makes Omnia the most respected and widely used processor in the world.

“For many years, our clients have been clamoring for a multi-band pre-processing unit, and we’re finally able to deliver,” Omnia President Frank Foti says, proudly. “The Omnia ONE Studio Pro combines the magic of our legacy Omnia processors with the most sought after features in a pre-processor.”

The Omnia ONE Studio Pro is the first studio processor to include a four-band compressor/limiter. One size does not fit all when it comes to pre-and post-processing, but other companies seem to think so, offering only a wide-band processor in their units to attempt to satisfy a variety of production needs.

The flexibility offered by the Omnia ONE Studio Pro’s compressor/limiter allows you precise (and accurately defined) individual control while pre-processing music, commercials, remote feeds, or sweetening audio. Production studios, recording facilities, mastering labs…. the Omnia ONE Studio Pro can be used anywhere for just about any application where signal processing is needed.

You can also mix n’ match production sound as much as your ear desires with the Omnia ONE Studio Pro’s setups, which can be used separately or together for almost unlimited possibilities. They include:

  • Wide-Band Automatic Gain Control
  • Four-Band Limiter
  • Four-Band Compressor
  • Bass Enhancement

Like all other members of the Omnia ONE family, the Studio Pro doesn’t need to be the size of Godzilla to pack in the same monster features as units costing two or three times the price.

It’s no wonder that Everybody Wants ONE!

Omnia ONE Studio Pro is shipping now with a US MSRP of $2,995.00. For more information, contact Angi Roberson at, or visit


omnia one

This press-ready photo of Omnia ONE can be downloaded from


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