Omnia Introduces Software Audio Processor for Webcasts

Omnia A/X Puts the Power of Omnia on a PC

8 April 2002, Las Vegas, NV USA

For years, broadcasters have been searching for a way to make their Internet audio streams sound as good as broadcast. A number of broadcasters have found hardware-based Omnia-3net from Omnia Audio, and are getting superb results – Internet streams as dynamic as broadcast audio. Those same broadcasters came to Omnia with a request: make a software-based streaming processor that works with software encoders.

Introducing Omnia A/X, an audio processor for the Internet that combines the power of Omnia audio processing – heard on leading radio stations in top markets worldwide – with Telos Systems’ experience as pioneers in the field of streaming audio. Omnia A/X runs on Windows® -based PCs, working seamlessly with Windows Media, Real® and MP3 encoders to bring clean, balanced audio to streaming applications.

Using Omnia A/X, codec and processor work together synergistically to achieve spectacular desktop audio. Users can choose from a wide range of professional processing controls, including wideband AGC (Automatic Gain Control), a three-band combined AGC/Limiter, high frequency EQ and an adjustable-bandwidth low pass filter.

Most importantly, since clipped audio translates into digital artifacts when encoded by perceptual audio coders, Omnia A/X features a precise look-ahead final limiter to prevent clipping. Resulting streams are cleaner and clearer, with more presence, detail and fidelity delivered to listeners’ desktops.

Omnia A/X runs on any Windows-based PC with Windows 98 or higher, Windows NT and Windows 2000. Release date is scheduled for later this year. To find out more, visit the Telos Systems / Omnia booth at the NAB, Booth L2251 in the Las Vegas Convention Center Radio Hall.

Telos Systems, with headquarters located in Cleveland, Ohio, and offices in Baltimore, Maryland; San Diego, California; and Freising, Germany is a leading manufacturer of ISDN, digital network and telephone interface products for talk-show programming, call-in radio segments, teleconferencing, audio production, remote broadcasts, and intercom applications.

Omnia, a Telos company, is world-renowned for its innovative digital audio signal processing expertise. Its family of digital audio processors for FM, AM, TV, DAB, Internet, and broadcast audio production are setting new standards for audio quality in the broadcast and Internet industries worldwide.

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