Omnia.FM the Clear Choice in Major Markets

14 October 1998, Seattle, WA USA

Since its release just under a year ago, the has become the processor of choice for major-market radio stations in the U.S. and Europe, and is being purchased by such radio groups as Capstar/Chancellor, Jacor, Susquehanna, ABC, and CBS in the US; and Skyrock, NRG, Virgin Radio and others in Europe.

WBEB FM in Philadelphia credits the, in part, for their recent move to the number one slot in the Arbitron ratings for that market. "We're the number one FM station in Philly, probably because the Omnia has made significant enhancements to our sound," says Russ Mundschenk, chief engineer at WBEB.

Sky Radio in the Netherlands also made the switch to Omnia. "It's our philosophy that improved quality is an important tool to becoming Holland's most popular station," said Rob Korver, technical manager of Sky Radio. "It's clear that with the best processor on earth, as well as the enormous help of the Omnia team, even a leading radio station can sound better than it already did."

The recently won major orders influential broadcasters, outperforming the competition in rigorous testing. "We're very proud to have such success with the Omnia in such a short period of time," said Frank Foti, president, Omnia. "We've worked very hard to produce a product that meets the needs of demanding customersand we've succeeded."

As the Omnia family of digital processors continues to grow, more announcements are anticipated.


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