Omnia 06ex a dream come true for KTZA

May 27, 2011

Gene Dow, Vice President and General Manager always wanted an Omnia 06ex for Pecos Valley Broadcasting’s KTZA in Artesia, New Mexico ( However, budget considerations always stood in the way. Until now. “When the Omnia 06ex price reduction was announced, the first thing that I did was call RF Specialties and order that Omnia 06ex.” said Gene. “We have it in front of an old, but beautifully restored McMartin BF25K tube transmitter from the 1970s, and the station sounds absolutely fantastic. It is, by far, the best sounding station in the region, and we are a 100,000 watt FM with a tremendous coverage area. It beats everybody”.

Gene is not the first to mention to us that the price reduction of the Omnia 06ex has finally put a high-performance Omnia unit within budget. Some have mentioned that they now have an opportunity to bring in an Omnia 06ex as a backup, so that even in an emergency, their operation can retain the power, clarity and punch which makes Omnia processing the first choice of top-rated stations throughout the world.

“I have already decided to upgrade another one of our stations, KPZE in Carlsbad to an Omnia 06ex, and there will be more to come”, adds Gene.

Omnia 06ex features dual, simultaneous processing paths for HD Radio and conventional FM at no extra cost. The world’s first non-aliasing digital clipping system, with composite clipping for the ultimate in competitive loudness. The high-precision codec-optimized Look-Ahead Limiter for perfect HD Radio processing. The six-band limiter for conventional FM, and a 5-band AGC section with adjustable crossovers for surgically-precise control over your signature sound. An integrated Dorrough Loudness Meter. And of course, the groundbreaking 96 kHz, 24-bit platform that delivers full 20 kHz bandwidth for HD Radio broadcasting.

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