Omnia A/X Puts the Power of Omnia on a PC

Omnia Showcases Software Audio Processor at NAB

19 April 2004, Las Vegas, NV USA

Omnia Audio, makers of high-end audio processing equipment for broadcast, is introducing a software-based audio processor designed expressly for streaming audio at the NAB Convention in Las Vegas.

Omnia A/X brings the power, clarity, punch and purity that are the hallmarks of Omnia broadcast processing to audio workstations. Omnia A/X is ideally suited to the needs of Internet broadcasters, audio production professionals, audio-for-video applications and post-production. Running native on Windows ® PCs, Omnia A/X works seamlessly with Windows Media, Real ™ , and MP3 streaming encoders to imbue audio streams with significantly-improved sound quality.

Omnia A/X works in conjunction with third-party streaming audio encoders on your Windows PC, and is compatible with most applications that use the standard Windows wavin/out driver interface. Each instance of Omnia A/X can process audio for a single streaming encoder; multiple copies can be used with multiple encoders and audio cards to process multiple audio streams. Because Omnia A/X has a resource-efficient, low-overhead architecture, it uses only about 20% of the resources of a 700 MHz Pentium III.

Using Omnia A/X, codec and processor work together synergistically to achieve spectacular desktop audio. Users can choose from a wide range of professional processing controls, including wideband AGC (Automatic Gain Control), a three-band combined AGC/Limiter, high frequency EQ and an adjustable-bandwidth low pass filter.

Most importantly, since clipped audio translates into digital artifacts when encoded by perceptual audio coders, Omnia A/X features a precison look-ahead final limiter to prevent clipping. Resulting streams are cleaner and clearer, with presence, detail and transparency.

Similar to Omnia processors for broadcast, Omnia A/X software includes a generous selection of presets to address a diverse range of processing goals, enabling users to achieve significantly improved audio almost immediately. Presets can be used as starting points for custom-made processing configurations, which can be saved and recalled instantly.

Omnia A/X runs on any PC with Windows 98 or higher, Windows NT or Windows 2000, and is currently shipping. To find out more, visit Omnia in booth N1416 at the NAB in Las Vegas, NV 19-22 April, 2004.


Omnia, a Telos company, is world-renowned for its digital audio signal processing expertise. Omnia audio processors for FM, AM, TV, HD Radio & DAB, Internet, and audio production are setting new standards for professional audio quality.