Omnia Audio to debut Automatic Delay Correction

Results of collaboration available first in Omnia.9 and Omnia.7 audio processors

9 April 2015, Cleveland OH, USA

Omnia Audio, in collaboration with Belar Electronics Labs (, is set to introduce Automatic Delay Correction technology for HD Radio™ in Omnia FM audio processors.

“Broadcasters expect innovative technology from Omnia, and we’re always working to fulfill those expectations,” says Telos Alliance President Frank Foti. “With Automatic Delay Correction, our friends at Belar have devised a truly innovative answer to the HD Radio diversity delay question. We’re delighted that our ongoing collaboration with them will provide Omnia clients with an elegant solution to this long-standing issue.”

“Omnia has long been one of the true innovative minds in the radio broadcast industry, and its adoption of our Automatic Delay Correction software solves the problem of HD Radio and FM signal misalignment in areas where signal blending adversely affects the listener experience,” said Mark Grant, CEO, Belar Electronics. “Omnia’s dedicated customer base, which includes a healthy share of the on-air processing market, ensures a far broader reach for this significant and timely innovation.”

Diversity delay refers to the blending process used as part of iBiquity’s HD Radio system, in which tuners revert to the analog signal when a received HD Radio broadcast is not strong enough to maintain signal lock. Synchronizing this delay between a station’s analog and digital broadcast signals is a critical adjustment for any broadcasters using HD Radio.

Belar’s Automatic Delay Correction is a software-defined feature that monitors and adjusts the time alignment of a station’s HD digital and analog FM signals, eliminating the eight-second delay between the two and allowing listeners’ receivers to seamlessly switch between them without audio glitches.

The popular Omnia.9 and newly-introduced Omnia.7 audio processors for FM are the company’s first audio processing products to include Belar’s Automatic Delay Correction feature. Additionally, Telos Alliance brand 25-Seven Systems provides integration with Belar products via Precision Delay, a sophisticated time-sync manager which enables broadcasters to adjust sample-accurate delay times in fractions of a second while protecting watermarks during delay builds and exits.

"Team Omnia has a long history and tradition of giving our clients the newest, most effective solutions to real-world problems,” notes Foti. “Innovations such as the industry’s first all-digital audio processor, the first FM processor capable of simultaneous analog and HD Radio processing, Single-Sideband Suppressed Carrier modulation, our work with Nautel on the first fully-digital FM composite interface, and now our collaboration with Belar to solve the diversity delay issue, underscore Omnia’s commitment to helping broadcasters stay on the leading edge of technology.“

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