Omnia Now Shipping 7AM Audio Processor

CLEVELAND, OH – 25 August 2016 

The Telos Alliance®—leaders in broadcast technology and parent company to Telos®, Omnia®, Axia®, 25-Seven®, Linear Acoustic®, and Minnetonka™—announced today that it is now shipping theOmnia.7AM audio processor, the new, feature-rich AM sibling to the popular Omnia.7FM processor.  

"AM listenership has declined over the years due to higher fidelity media alternatives, plus an increase in environmental interference and noise—big concerns facing AM broadcasters. The Omnia.7AM is a tool specifically designed for the AM spectrum's unique challenges that broadcasters can start using immediately to dramatically improve their sound," says Frank Foti, founder of Omnia and CEO of the Telos Alliance. 


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The Omnia.7AM uses current, up-to-date technology to address the problems AM broadcasters face today. It employs some of the same features of the Omnia.7FM. All aspects of the processing infrastructure, bandwidth, and their output signals, however, have been specially engineered for maximum efficiency and performance within the AM spectrum. Omnia's Psychoacoustic Controlled Distortion Masking Clipper analyzes and masks distortion perceptible to the human ear. Dry Voice Detector applies processing for clearer voices on talk content, a big plus for AM talk radio. Additionally, proprietary Undo technology removes distortion and re-creates the peaks sliced from compressed digital music and content, restoring life, brilliance, and dynamic range. 

The 7AM also allows broadcasters to refine their 'signature sound' with sonic tools like Real-Time Analyzers, Built-In Oscilloscopes, and FFTs. Three-stage wideband AGC with adjustable sidechain equalization; program-dependent two-to-five multiband AGCs and limiters; dual independent power supplies; and relay bypass for backup processor all combine to create a powerhouse AM processor. 

The 7AM is easy to adjust from anywhere in the world thanks to full remote control and metering tools accessible from networked Windows-based PCs and tablets.  

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