Omnia Offers "EXi" Upgrade

New Features Available for Omnia-6, Omnia-5, Omnia-4.5 Owners

11 April 2005, Cleveland Ohio, USA

Good news for owners of Omnia-6, -5 or -4.5 FM or AM audio processors: you can have the latest, most powerful Omnia ever with the new Omnia “EXi ” upgrade package, featuring the new Omnia Diversity Delay and LoIMD Clipper. These advanced new tools work together to enhance and simplify the HD Radio audio chain, adding essential new tools for HD Radio broadcasts while increasing the clarity and listenability of conventional AM and FM broadcasts.

Stations processing for competitive loudness will love the new Omnia LoIMD Clipper that’s a part of the EXi upgrade. This ingenious design enhances the already potent non-aliasing Omnia clipper with intelligent processing algorithms that actively adapt to signal content and density, producing sustained audio signals that don’t inter-modulate among other spectra. This complex balancing act allows the clipper to retain power and impact, yet reduce or eliminate IMD from moderate to aggressive levels of clipping. The overall effect is retained loudness and punch, along with the clarity and detail that listeners demand.

And broadcasters planning for HD Radio™ will want the Omnia EXi upgrade for its new Omnia Diversity Delay feature. “Diversity delay” is the delay applied to the conventional (analog) portion of HD Radio broadcasts, to synchronize it with the digital audio stream. Presently, the HD Radio system configuration inserts this analog signal delay inside the HD Radio exciter, where a single component failure could instantly take both audio signals off the air. Omnia Diversity Delay moves this function out of the exciter and into the audio processor, easily isolating the HD Radio and conventional signals and eliminating signal interdependence.

Any Omnia-6 or Omnia-5 audio processor may be upgraded to EXi specifications by Omnia for $990.00 USD; Omnia-4.5 units can be upgraded $1,990.00 USD. Contact Omnia Audio Technical Support at +1-216-241-7225 for more information.

Hear the full line of Omnia EXi processors at the 2005 NAB Convention in Las Vegas. Visit the Telos Systems / Omnia Audio at Booth N2816 in the Las Vegas Convention Center April 18-21; contact Caroline Dorsey at for more information.

6exi hd

Omnia-6EXi HD+FM-from Omnia Audio
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