Omnia VOCO® 8 Now Shipping

8 Channels of networked microphone management, in one 2RU appliance

15 October 2015 Cleveland Ohio, USA

Every broadcast studio has mics. And with increasingly active morning shows and the growing popularity of talk radio formats, many studios now have 3, 4, or more microphones on the air — boosting the consistency of on-air mic audio to a higher priority than ever. 

The new Omnia VOCO 8, introduced at NAB 2015 and shipping now, handily solves the problem of multiple-mic audio processing in just 2RU of rack space. VOCO 8 gives engineers the ability to quickly manage and adjust many mics with just a single laptop connection.  

“This is the microphone management system broadcasters have been waiting for,” says Cam Eicher, Director of Global Radio Sales for The Telos Alliance. “VOCO offers a complete set of tools to tailor multiple mics for consistent, perfect vocal presence — every mic, every studio, every time.” 

VOCO 8 features eight high-quality microphone preamplifiers and as many as eight channels of 3-band microphone processing (two channels of processing come standard). Comprehensive audio I/O includes analog, AES/EBU and Livewire+™/AES67 for all eight channels. All preamps and audio I/O are always available, regardless of whether or not they are licensed for processing; perfect for adding that “one extra channel” in a studio. Even more useful: since most studios don’t require eight separate mic channels, a single VOCO 8 unit can easily be used to process mics in multiple studios, each with its own secure control access to assigned microphone channels. 

VOCO 8 is equipped with a flexible preset and session management system which allows all processing settings and audio routing to quickly be recalled using front panel controls, intuitive remote control software, or from external automation systems. Presets can be shared among multiple networked VOCO 8 units in the same facility, or on the other side of the globe without the need to manually update presets on each unit— a feature unique to VOCO 8. This allows on-air personalities to maintain a consistent mic presence, no matter which personality, studio, or facility is on the air. 

Another unique feature tailored specifically to talkshow environments and rowdy morning shows: VOCO 8 has an exclusive "Dominate It!" feature, which allows selected mic channels (such as those for the host and co-host) to remain dominant in the mix at all times, automatically reducing the level of secondary mics by a preset level whenever the host speaks. 

Omnia VOCO 8 is shipping now, with MSRP beginning at USD $4,495 for units supplying eight mic preamps and two channels of voice processing; additional channels of processing may be added for USD $500 each. To find out more, visit For media information, or to learn more about The Telos Alliance, contact Shane Toven at, or call +1 216-241-7225.

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