Omnia.11 and WPOZ #1 in Orlando ratings

HD-1 processing is “equally as impressive”
August 22, 2011, Cleveland Ohio, USA

Its not everyday that you hear of a non-commercial, contemporary Christian station topping the overall Arbitron ratings in a large market. But that’s the case at WPOZ, Z-88.3 in Orlando (

As WPOZ President and CEO Jim Hoge points out, an Omnia.11, which they deployed earlier this year, dramatically improved the station’s dial presence to that beyond any other station in the market:

“When we first fired up the Omnia.11, we were suddenly bigger and brighter than any other FM in the region. The contrast was amazing, absolutely amazing. We quickly established a unique, clear sound that was roaring loud, yet totally distortion free. I have been very impressed”

Hoge went on to report that the Omnia.11’s treatment of the HD-1 has been “equally as impressive. The HD side never sounded anywhere near this good”.

“We are now the #1 station in the market, and—according to the latest ratings released just a few days ago —have increased cume to even higher levels” Hoge reports.

What makes Omnia.11 such a breakthrough?

The firmware in Omnia.11 takes advantage of software capabilities never before possible. The results are dynamics algorithms that were once only a dream of the processing enthusiast. AGCs, Compressors, and Limiters analyze music in real time and adjust internal parameters for optimum performance across a broad range of material.

Special attention was paid to the behavior of live voice quality. The improved performance of the AGC and limiter functions generate live voice clarity and impact far beyond that which was previously possible.

The bass enhancement algorithm is a key feature of the Omnia.11. Low end is now broadcast with recording studio-like punch and impact, with no traditional side-effects whatsoever.

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