Omnia.9 Broadcast Audio Processor Gets a Major Update to Audio Engine

The Telos Alliance®leader in broadcast technology and parent company to Telos®, Omnia®, Axia®, 25-Seven®, Linear Acoustic®, and Minnetonka™—announced today that new Omnia.9 units are now shipping with a major update to the audio engine, making it sound better than ever. This update is also available as a software download (v3.18.99) for existing Omnia.9 users at no charge.

"When it comes to audio processing, Great Sound Matters Most, and the Omnia.9 is no exception. A year in the making, software v3.18.99 is the biggest sonic leap forward since the Omnia.9 was released! If you thought the 9 sounded amazing already, just wait until you hear the improvements to its audio engine," says Omnia's Geoff Steadman.

New Features Include:

  • A major system rewrite to the audio engine, introducing a new, lower-latency clipper for both FM and AM

  • A new, fully rewritten streaming engine now supports Shoutcast 2, FLAC and lossless streaming

  • Integrated internal stream server

  • Phase Correction with Mono Bass reduces multipath distortion

  • Seamless preset switching, even between presets with major structural differences

  • Optional µMPX Encoding. Omnia.9 is the first hardware processor to support this revolutionary codec. Full composite MPX over a 320kbps pipe

  • Expanded SNMP features

  • BS.412 MPX power limiter improved

  • Shared processing path for AM+HD units (allowing them to share a watermark encoder)

  • Improved internal performance (lower latency, monitoring, and RDS improvements)

  • Enables Livewire+ AES67 for even more flexible I/O. Older Omnia.9 units require an MKII platform upgrade to enable Livewire+ AES67. Platform upgrades will be available by mid-July through Telos and authorized service centers

For  a full list of changes and additions, check the v3.18.99 Release Notes. To download Omnia.9 v3.18.99, visit

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