Omnia.9 Receives Major Software Update

Versitile audio processor now does even more

31 January 2013

Omnia Audio, the world leader in audio processing, has released the first significant software update for the Omnia.9 FM/HD/Streaming processor
since its introduction in October 2011.

Omnia.9 creator Leif Claesson is back from extensive traveling throughout the U.S., Mexico, and South America, where he met with customers and
personally installed over 30 new Omnia.9's.

"Many of the software improvements came to me as I spent time at the stations, learning about our customer's needs. Some were a direct result of requests by broadcast engineers" Claesson said. "Going on tour and connecting with our dealers and customers was great fun. Reinventing the sound of radio one city at a time has been extremely rewarding."

The new software contains several significant performance features, including a new Dry Voice Detection circuit that substantially reduces audible distortion on bare voices when more aggressive processing is employed to achieve greater loudness. Dedicated multiband controls are provided to adjust dry voice processing separately from music, which nearly eliminates the need to compromise voice quality in exchange for competitive overall loudness. A selectable phase rotator has also been added to restore symmetry to (and remove distortion from) voice, a valuable enhancement for news, sports and talk stations.

This upgrade also introduces the new RF Bandwidth Controller, which allows users to manage the RF footprint with surgical precision, providing a powerful tool for controlling multipath distortion with minimal impact on stereo imaging on all receivers.

Several new convenience features are included as well. Broadcasters can now instruct Omnia.9 to automatically play songs and liners from its internal music library when silence is detected on-air. A randomize feature helps eliminate repeated songs, while auto silence trim ensures gapless playback. MP2, MP3, WAV, and FLAC files can now be uploaded directly to Omnia.9 via its built-in FTP server. If one input channel is lost, Omnia.9 can also automatically switch to mono, routing audio to both channels until the missing channel is restored.

Current Omnia.9 clients can download the new software at where a complete description of all new features is also available. 

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