Pippin Technical Shows IP Audio and Processing Innovation at WABE

Pippin Technical to exhibit IP audio solutions and high-performance audio processing from Telos Alliance at Western Association of Broadcast Engineers on Sunday.

CLEVELAND, OH – November 1, 2019. Telos Alliance® Canadian dealer Pippin Technical will be exhibiting at WABE (Western Association of Broadcast Engineers) November 3–5 at the new Westin Calgary Airport Hotel. There, they will demo the latest in IP audio and audio processing innovation from the Telos Alliance®—trusted global leader in broadcast audio for more than three decades. Highlights of the show include:logo_horizon_colo

High-Performance Audio Processing & MPX Node. Audio processing from Omnia, including the flagship Omnia.11 processor, will be on hand, including the new Pepino Clipper Mode 2, the next evolution in top-tier clipper technology designed to preserve brightness at aggressive clipping levels. It now features Clipper "Sparkle" Control, a Bass Clarity enhancer added to Bass EFX, and new Bass Sensitivity controls to give broadcasters more power than ever before. New and improved presets get you up and running fast.

Pippin will also demonstrate the new Omnia MPX Node, a building-block technology that helps stations leverage the growing power and capability of data networking. The Omnia MPX Node is the first purpose-built hardware codec capable of sending or receiving full FM signals at data rates as low as 320 kbps utilizing the Omnia µMPX™ algorithm, ideal for networks with limited capacity (including IP radios). MPX Node makes peak-controlled L/R baseband, stereo pilot, and RDS data routable from a studio to one or many FM transmitters.

MPX Node Diagram_1

Innovation in AoIP Consoles. Pippin will also be demoing the Axia iQx AoIP console—which uniquely combines a mix engine and surface into one unit. This console offers incredible ease of integration into any AoIP environment. A new software version for the iQx is now available, which adds Automix capabilities to iQx's robust set of features. This tool allows operators to automatically and efficiently balance the levels of on-air-microphones when more than one mic is open at a time in a studio. By intelligently pulling down the levels when a person isn't speaking and resolving conflicts based on assigned priorities, the Automix function makes dynamic conversations sound better than ever and allows hosts to focus less on their board, and more on their show.


Pippin will also be displaying the Axia IP-Tablet Virtual Radio Software. This one-of-a-kind software suite is a bold step toward the virtual radio studio of the future. It minimizes the need for cumbersome and sight-blocking monitors by virtualizing the monitoring and control of your gear on a Windows tablet running any of the IP-Tablet Virtual Radio software modules. Don’t want to say goodbye to your studio monitors? No worries. IP-Tablet Virtual Radio software can run on your Windows PC, as well.

Axia-Fusion IP-Tablet-HTML5

The Latest in Telos Infinity® Matrix-Free Intercom. Telos Infinity was designed to be matrix-free from the beginning, eliminating the biggest bottleneck in a traditional intercom system. No longer bound by the number of available ports on a matrix, Infinity is infinitely scalable and flexible. Its distributed DSP architecture and plug-and-play design allow the system to grow to meet changing needs simply by adding endpoints, making Infinity a very cost-effective solution. Infinity hardware includes Intercom Master Panels, Master Expansion Panels, Desktop Stations, Dual Channel Digital Beltpacks, and Lite Single-Ear Headsets.

Telos Infinity_Group Shot

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