Podcast Answer Man Says Yes to Telos Hx1 Digital Hybrid

Podcast Answer Man Says Yes to Telos Hx1 Digital Hybrid

18 February 2011, Cleveland Ohio, USA

Ask the Podcast Answer Man and he’ll tell you that the Telos Hx1 Digital Hybrid Telephone Interface answers his calls in the demanding world of podcasting. Cliff Ravenscraft (podcastanswerman.com) gave the Hx1 a trial run, and now he has a new favorite.

Cliff explains: “I've been using the JK Audio Broadcast Host personally and have recommended it for many of my clients. However, with the Broadcast Host, I always recommend adding a compressor limiter gate to get the best sound possible. I love that the Telos Hx1 actually has all that built into the unit so that you only take up a single space in the rack. This is the telephone Hybrid that I'll be recommending from this point forward."

Cliff is passionate about helping broadcasters take their podcast to the next level thru entertaining, educating and encouraging content that makes a difference. You can listen to the podcast featuring the Hx1 and Telos’ product manager Joe Talbot here: http://tinyurl.com/47srlgh.

Inside the single-hybrid Hx1 and dual-hybrid Hx2, you’ll find our most advanced hybrid technology with new features that sweeten and control caller audio better than ever before. Hx hybrids come standard with features you won’t find in other POTS hybrids, like Auto-Answer, caller disconnect detection, sophisticated new audio-leveling and anti-feedback routines for enhanced open-speaker applications, call screening and line-hold features, front-panel send, receive audio metering and an internal universal power supply— plus much, much more.

Telos Systems is the trusted world leader for broadcast telephony, IP & ISDN codecs, streaming audio and audio logging. With over 20,000 Zephyr audio codecs in use around the world, Telos is “The Best Way to Hear From There."

For more information on the Telos Hx visit http://www.telos-systems.com/hx/index.html.

For media information, contact Angi Roberson at Telos Systems by email at angi@Telos-Systems.com, or by phone at +1-216-241-7225.


Hx1 digital hybrid front-95

This press-ready photo of Hx1 can be downloaded from Telos-Systems.com/press-gallery/


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