Popular Alternative Rock Streaming Service upgrades to Omnia A/XE

July 27, 2011, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

The other day, we received an unsolicited e-mail from Wolf Koygyn, owner-operator of one of the most popular alternative rock streaming services in the USA, WolfOnTheNet.com.                                                                                                

“The Omnia A/XE has breathed new life into our alternative rock service, wolfonthenet.com,” says Wolf Koygyn, “I bought one of those familiar ‘radio station in a box’ automation solutions, but the built-in processing was pretty lame, even after I tweaked and tweaked.   So, I bypassed the processing and encoding and popped in the Omnia A/XE for those portions of the chain.   Wow.  I just can’t get over the improvement in sound quality.  Night and day.   The high end is crisp, clean and open, with a nice bottom end, and excellent level management.”

What Wolf noticed is not unique when it comes to many automation systems.

As opposed to tacked-on, generic processing and basic encoding, the Omnia A/XE uses genuine Omnia processing, specially developed and refined for the challenges of internet transmission.  Add to that, Omnia A/XE encoding is Fraunhofer MPEG 3 for superb sound quality from the organization which wrote the book on streaming technology.

Omnia A/XE can process audio for a variety of applications, bitrate-reduced and linear. It runs in the background as a Windows® service, can be fully-managed and configured remotely with a web browser, and can even process and encode multiple streams in various formats simultaneously.

Omnia A/XE lets uers encode directly to MP3 or AAC, feed a Shoutcast-style or Windows Media Server in the MP3 format, or stream to Adobe Flash clients through a Wowza Media Server. You can also pair Omnia A/XE with your existing Windows Media, Real, mpgPRO or MP3 streaming encoder.

So whether you have a stand alone service or stream from an on-air source, the addition of Omnia A/XE will guarantee superb quality transmission and level management, especially in matching internet-only spot and promo insertion levels to the main program feed. For more information, contact Denny Sanders via email at dsanders@OmniaAudio.com or by phone +



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Omnia, a Telos company, is world-renowned for its digital audio signal processing expertise. Omnia audio processors for FM, AM, TV, HD Radio & DAB, Internet, and audio production are setting new standards for professional audio quality.


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