Private Radio In Tunisia Debuts Using Omnia, Telos Products

Processing, Broadcast Phone Systems Part of “Radio Mosaique FM” Launch

13 January 2004, Cleveland, Ohio USA

As broadcast markets worldwide continue transitioning to private operation, new stations continue to choose audio processors from Omnia and broadcast phone systems from Telos. The latest to do so is Radio Mosaique FM, Tunisia's first-ever private radio broadcaster.

Radio Mosaique FM, whose studios are located in the capital city of Tunis, chose the Telos TWOx12 twelve-line Talkshow System and Telos ONE digital hybrids for use during call-in and interview programming, and selected Omnia-3fm to help create and fine-tune their overall sound.

The facilities for Radio Mosaique FM were designed and built by Swiss-based Decibel S.A. ( “This studio being the ‘flagship’ for private radio in Tunisia, Radio Mosaique quite naturally desired that the equipment they employed make them sound world-class,” comments Jean-Pascal Ruch, Decibel’s Managing Director. “WhenRadio Mosaique saw how many International broadcasters rely upon Telos and Omnia, their decision was instant.”

The 12-line Telos TWOx12 Talkshow System has become a favorite of broadcasters who demand the clearest, cleanest caller audio possible. TWOx12 takes advantage of the latest Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to provide superior call quality, and can be used with either POTS orISDN phone lines. The Telos ONE is the world’s most popular and cost-effective DSP-based auto-nulling telephone hybrid, and is ubiquitous in newsrooms, on-air studios and production facilities internationally.

Omnia audio processors are the choice of top International and US broadcasters that insist on the cleanest, clearest audio processing possible; in the US alone, Omnia is in use at more of the Top 100 FM stations than all other brands combined. The Omnia-3fm audio processor features 3 bands of limiting and wideband Automatic Gain Control, 48kHz sampling with 24-bit resolution, a Precision Digital Dynamics clipper and selectable composite clipping for the purest, loudest audio possible. Omnia-3 also conforms to the ITU’s BS-412 specification for International use.

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TWOx12 — from Telos Systems
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Omnia-3fm — from Omnia Audio
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