Telos Infinity v1.6 Update Makes IP Intercom More Efficient than Ever

Telos Infinity IP Intercom's latest v1.6 update shows off new features for Dashboard Advanced, Infinity Beltpack, and Infinity Panels.

Cleveland, OH (June 9, 2020) — Telos Alliance—trusted global leader in broadcast audio for more than three decades—announced today the launch of Telos Infinity IP Intercom software v1.6, which includes an update to Telos Infinity Dashboard Advanced, as well as for the embedded software for Infinity Panels and Beltpacks. Key features of the release include:

Scenes / Snapshots – System Memories

Dashboard Advanced users now can save instant ‘Snapshots’ of their system configurations, edit them offline, and then push them to the ‘Live’ Infinity network. Scenes can be used to create and store different setups for specific shows and events or to save personal preferences. When used with the Zones menu, users can take Scene snapshots from Infinity subsystems like different Studios, then edit and recall them without disturbing the wider Infinity system.

ISO Key Mode

Camera intercom often requires the combination of group communication and individual conversations between a control room engineer and a specific camera operator. The ISO Key Mode enables the user to establish a private communications channel with each camera position by temporarily removing them from any Group comms while an ISO call is happening.

Remote Control of Panels / Beltpacks

Accessible via the Panel or Beltpack web menu pages or through Device/Manage in Telos Infinity Dashboard Advanced software, users can now take complete control over a panel or device. This feature is particularly useful for engineers or technicians, enabling access to the hardware device via the network when an operator reports an unwanted open mic channel, volume left in ‘cut,’ a key left in Listen mode, or some other scenario requiring their help.

Remote Firmware Upgrade /  Out-of-Date (OOD) Alert

Dashboard Advanced now enables a user to load new Panel or Beltpack firmware into the UI and send a targeted update to multiple devices simultaneously. Using the Zone filter, the system administrator can choose to send updates to the entire system or specific Zones at a convenient time. Dashboard Advanced also now reports the status of any Panel or Beltpack on the network that is running an out-of-date (OOD) or incompatible firmware version.

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Krissy Rushing

Marketing Manager


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