Telos Natural Disaster Service Stands Ready

31 August 2009, Cleveland Ohio, USA

Raging fires in Southern California are jeopardizing many key communication sites. At risk areas include Mount Wilson, the primary location of many Los Angeles FM and TV stations.

Telos-Omnia-Axia-Linear Acoustic stands ready to assist broadcasters by providing emergency shipments of our products throughout this critical period.

This includes fastest possible equipment delivery to restore a primary site, enhance a backup site or to help with studio-transmitter links. We are ready to travel if necessary to help with

Simply call the Telos-Omnia-Axia 24/7 support line (216-622-0247) and request Natural Disaster Priority Service. Your advocate will immediately coordinate logistics and put the full resources of
the Company at your disposal.

Natural Disaster Priority Service is an ongoing assistance program and is available at all times as part of the Telos-Omnia-Axia-Linear Acoustics’ commitment to being an active partner in maintaining the stability of our clients’ operations.

For media information, contact Angi Roberson at, or call +1-216-241-7225.

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