Telos ProFiler Version 2.0 Now Shipping Automated

Telos ProFiler Version 2.0 Now Shipping 
Automated Logging Software Adds Multi-Stream Recording Capability

4 August 2003, Cleveland, Ohio

Telos Systems is now shipping ProFiler Version 2.0 Automated Program Archiving software, a new version of the popular logging software used by broadcasters to store and retrieve program audio.

ProFiler works with Telos professional balanced-I/O audio cards, archiving (logging) program audio to timeannotated files using industry-standard MP3 compression. Users can then listen to and work with audio files using any LAN or Internet connection; logged audio can be archived on a local hard drive, a web or FTP server, or networked drives for convenience. Users can even listen to “live” audio via TCP/IP during the encoding process.

ProFiler 2.0 contains many performance upgrades and new features suggested by ProFiler users, including:

  • Support for recording of multiple simultaneous program streams using multiple Telos balanced-I/O audio cards, up to eight mono streams on a 1GHz Pentium PC.
  • The ability to record simultaneous mono streams using a single stereo audio card.
  • Users can now record an audio source in multiple ways using different bitrates or storage policies. For example, you can specify a high bitrate and keep the audio for seven days and, at the same time, record at a lower bitrate and keep this audio for 30 days.
  • An integrated logging scheduler that allows automatic audio capture at user-determined times.
  • Expanded GPIO support.
  • An integrated Recorder/Server application with simplified administration and improved security options.

Along with continuous logging, ProFiler provides a comprehensive suite of skimming tools to capture programs for rebroadcast, and to facilitate quick assembly of airchecks and composites. An exclusive “SmartSkim” mode balances quality with space-efficiency, allowing users to archive non-critical programming using maximum compression, automatically switching to high-quality skimming when talent mics are open. In addition, remote users can audition secure audio streams via LAN, WAN or the Internet during capture – perfect for remote listening by managers, program directors and consultants.

ProFiler 2.0 runs on a standard PC under Windows 2000. In its simplest configuration, ProFiler records one stereo or two mono audio streams, and includes a Telos professional balanced-I/O audio card; additional Telos audio cards are required and can easily be added to extend the number of possible recorded streams. Applications include government-mandated content logging, easy assembly of audio composites, program archiving for rebroadcast or Internet streaming, commercial playout verification, recording live events and contest lines, or for competitive analysis of rival stations.

ProFiler 2.0 is available now, with a list price of $595.00 USD per stereo stream. For more details, browse


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