Telos Showcases New IP Codec at NAB

Telos Showcases New IP Codec at NAB 
Zephyr/IP provides MPEG audio, high-reliability connections for IP remotes

06 April 2007, Cleveland Ohio, USA

Telos introduces the newest member of its award-winning Zephyr family of broadcast codecs: Zephyr/IP. An advanced codec designed just for IP, Zephyr/IP uses MPEG low-delay AAC coding for excellent audio quality, combined with sophisticated new technology that ensures successful operation over IP links such as the public Internet and mobile IP services.

“Broadcasters have been waiting for a bulletproof, reliable codec that will deliver truly superior audio over the Internet,” says Telos CEO Steve Church. “Zephyr/IP makes remotes over today’s IP networks a reality.”

To ensure that those remotes are smooth and error-free, Zephyr/IP utilizes ACT – Agile Connection Technology – to continuously adapt to network conditions, minimizing the effects of packet loss, varying bandwidth, and jitter. ACT’s sophisticated error detection and concealment routines, dynamic buffering and other techniques work together to provide stable, reliable IP audio connections.

“Getting reliable, low-delay audio from the Internet is a much greater challenge than transmitting over a closed LAN or a network with Quality of Service guarantees,” according to Rolf Taylor, Telephony Product Manager for Telos. “On an Internet connection, the user doesn’t have any control over packet latency or bandwidth fluctuations. Zephyr/IP adapts to these changing conditions to deliver excellent IP remotes.”

IP remotes present other challenges too, such as connecting to codecs that are behind firewalls, have dynamically assigned IP addresses, or are subject to LAN Network Address Translation (NAT). To solve these problems, Telos Z/IP Server technology keeps track of users’ online status and IP address information, making connections to other Zephyr/IP codecs as simple as selecting from an onscreen “buddy list.”

Here are just a few of the features and benefits of Zephyr/IP:

  • Versatile I/O including AES/EBU, analog, and a LivewireTM Ethernet interface for direct integration with Axia IP-Audio networks as well as LAN, WAN and WiFi networks.
  • Studio-grade 24-bit A-to-D and D-to-A converters.
  • Supports transmission bit rates from 16 kbps to 256 kbps.
  • User-friendly, information-rich graphical interface with large full-VGA display screen.
  • Full-color, real-time graphical connection status display with traceroute.
  • Context-sensitive on-screen help available at a touch.