Three New Omnia Products Debut at IBC Amsterdam

Three new Omnia products will be making their world debut at IBC, RAI Center Amsterdam September 13-17 at the Telos Alliance booth, Hall 8, D-30.

Omnia Mic Processor:

  • Full input, output and processing bar graph meters on a high resolution front panel OLED display.
  • Front panel headphone out
  • Web-based remote control for offsite tweaking.
  • Muliple talent presets
  • Two channel, two microphone input
  • All processing is done in the digital domain for the highest quality
  •  Microphone and line level analog inputs, digital AES/EBU inputs as well as Livewire inputs         

Omnia MPX Tool/Modulation Analyzer:

  • Modulation analysis tools FFT, Oscilloscope, RTA
  • Reference quality stereo decoding
  • Comprehensive remote control with streaming audio
  • HTTP server for control and logging
  • ITU-R BS.1770-3 Loudness Meter
  • Omnia.Direct™ Digital Composite (AES)
  • Stereo baseband Analog Inputs and Outputs
  • Dual analog MPX (composite) inputs
  • Optional FM tuner option will support FM/HD Radio/DAB/DAB+
  • Optional Redundant PSU

Omnia 9/XE streaming and encoding software:

  • Extremely high quality for the discriminating streaming service  
  • Undo with De-clipper prevents listener fatigue by removing distortion and selectively undoing the over-compression so common in mastering today                                                    
  • Up to 16 fully independent stereo processors in one instance, and up to 8 instances on one machine
  • Manage from anywhere with NfRemote, locally or across the internet
  • Includes AXIA Livewire driver
  • Simultaneous MP3/AAC/aacPlus/MP2/WMA encoding, compatible with Shoutcast, Icecast, Wowza and Windows Media servers.
  • Separately adjustable sample rate (high quality conversion) and gain control per encoded stream.

And remember that Omnia Direct, the world's first processor to transmitter path, and winner of multiple awards at the 2013 NAB, will be demonstrated at the Nautel booth,  Hall 8, C-61. 

About Omnia Audio:
Omnia products represent the state-of-the-art in audio processing for virtually any application.

The top of the line Omnia.11 and the versatile Omnia.9, feature Single Sideband Suppressed Carrier capability for the potential reduction of multipath.  Also available is the lower-priced Omnia ONE, which will process FM, AM, Internet, Studio applications or act as a Stereo Generator on demand by simply changing software. Omnia 8x features eight, discrete Omnia processors in a single, networked appliance for multiple coded audio applications.  On the software side, there is the Omnia A/XE for standalone encoding and processing of live internet streams as well as the Omnia F/XE for file-based encoding and processing. Omnia Audio offers 24/7 technical support.

For media inquiries contact: Denny Sanders, Omnia Marketing Director at