University of Iowa Stations "Delighted"

University of Iowa Stations "Delighted" with Telos Profiler MP3 audio logger also makes telescoped airchecks

2 August 2004, Cleveland, OH USA

The University of Iowa needed a modern, reliable way to log program audio and create airchecks at their NPR-affiliate stations WSUI ( and KSUI-FM ( They found a perfect fit in ProFiler automated program archiving software from Telos Systems.

“I’d been looking at logging packages for a while,” says Chief Engineer Jim Davies of WSUI/KSUI. “We’d used an old Shafer slow-speed tape logger for a long time, and then VCRs. It was quite a chore to lift any intelligible audio from those tapes. Plus, we had to start them by hand 4 times a day.”

“We needed to log continuous program audio, but the Program Directors at WSUI and KSUI also wanted a skimmer for the air talent,” Davies says. “I saw several mentions of Telos ProFiler on the BNet and PubTech list servers, so I did my homework and found that ProFiler was not only a skimmer but also a long form logging device — it was just what we needed. We bought two copies; one for FM and one for AM.”

Along with logging and skimming functions, ProFiler provides a suite of tools for capturing programs for rebroadcast and quick assembly of airchecks and composites. An exclusive “SmartSkim” mode balances audio quality with space-efficiency; it archives non-critical programming using maximum compression, switching automatically to high-quality skimming when talent mics are open.

Users can even listen “live” over LAN, WAN or the Internet — perfect for remote listening by managers, program directors and consultants. “The program directors are delighted that we have this ability,” says Davies. “Having logged audio available on any networked PC is entirely the right way to do this.”

And ProFiler is very reliable, according to Davies. “It was easy to install and works flawlessly on our office network with Windows 2000, XP Pro and Office 2003. I'd recommend ProFiler to anyone.”

ProFiler runs on a standard PC under Windows 2000 or XP Professional. The starter package records one stereo or two mono audio streams, and includes a Telos professional balanced-I/O audio card; additional Telos audio cards can easily be added to record up to 4 stereo or 8 mono streams per PC. MSRP is $595.00 USD per stereo stream; for more details contact Caroline Dorsey at +1-216-241-7225, or browse



ProFiler software comes with a professional, balanced-output audio card.

Telos Systems, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio with offices in Europe and Canada, is a leading manufacturer of ISDN, coded audio and telephone interface products for talk-shows, teleconferencing, audio production, remote broadcasts, and intercom applications.