Voltair and Nielsen PPM

Do your ratings matter to you? Then read this.
To my friends in radio:
You may have noticed that Nielsen finally came out of the closet today with a reaction to Voltair, almost a year after we built the first one. Now we've shipped over 300, and good customers like you are buying them as fast as we build them.After reading the lawyer letter, some of our customers say they feel bullied by Nielsen --- even more than usual. Well, don't be.
The truth is in the fine print.Nielsen does not recommend AGAINST using Voltair.What Nielsen wrote, in lawyerly fashion, is that it "does not recommend" using Voltair. Well, of course it doesn't! Nielsen doesn't recommend any audio processor, and probably shouldn't try to police audio processing (although we'd be tickled if they recommended ours).
All audio processors affect encoding, for better or worse. Voltair is no exception. And audio processing has evolved dramatically in the last 20 years, while PPM has not.
If you have any questions, or if you'd like to express an opinion on Nielsen's tactics, my personal email is Frank.Foti@telosalliance.com.
Happy encoding. How could 300+ stations be wrong?
Here's to your ratings,


Frank Foti
The Telos Alliance