When The Chief Engineer Is Also The CEO, Omnia is First Choice

Kevin Terry, CEO of Montana Radio Company LLC continues trend

31 August 2011

Often in radio, the Chief Engineer is told to buy wisely “as if you are spending your own money”.

But when the Chief Engineer IS the CEO and he is actually spending his own money, we find that—more often than not—Omnia processing is their first choice. Case in point is Kevin Terry, CEO and Chief Engineer of The Montana Radio Company LLC, licensee of numerous stations throughout big sky country.

“When I first got into ownership about ten years ago, I started with an Omnia.hot. Over the years, as we added more and more new stations, we added more and more new Omnias.” Said Terry. “I have several of every vintage throughout my Company, right up to the brand new Omnia.11. We are continuing the Omnia processing tradition at a new plant in Helena for KYYN and KZUS.”

Why Omnia? Terry continues: “Nothing I need to say. Just something you need to hear. I listen and compare, and the choice for me is still Omnia all the way, including at the several stations that I am consulting in Utah and Idaho”

So whether you choose the versatile Omnia ONE, which can process for FM, AM, Multicast or studio applications, the brand new Omnia.9, which will process FM, HD-1, HD-2, and HD-3 transmission AND all three internet streams simultaneously, or the top-of-the line, competition liquidating Omnia.11, you can be sure that the CEO will always be pleased with the decision.

Especially if you are the CEO.

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