Zephyr Xport Software Upgrade Adds G.722 Free Update

Zephyr Xport Software Upgrade Adds G.722 
Free Update Adds New Flexibility to Award-Winning POTS + ISDN Codec

14 October 2003, Cleveland Ohio, USA

Zephyr Xport, the award-winning POTS + ISDN codec with sophisticated MPEG AAC-LD and aacPlus coding, has just become an even more indispensable remote tool with the addition of G.722 coding.

Xport has gathered several major awards since its debut last year, thanks to Telos innovations that permit establishing a high-reliability audio link between POTS and ISDN telephone lines. The combination of a studio-side ISDN link and advanced Spectral Band Replication (the same coding technology used by XM Satellite Radio, Digital Radio Mondiale and iBiquity) provides Xport users with superb 15 kHz audio and rock-solid connections using any available POTS line.

“Clients are thrilled with the audio quality of Zephyr Xport,” says Managing Director Denny Sanders. “They tell us they’ve never heard a POTS remote sound so good! At the same time, those who use Xport with the ISDN option told us G.722 coding would make Xport even more flexible. G.722 allows Xport to connect with third-party codecs, making it the perfect all-in-one choice for any remote — POTS or ISDN.”

New Version 2.0 software for Zephyr Xport is a free download for Xport users, and includes several enhancements and new features:

  • Zephyr Xport units equipped with the ISDN option can now use G.722 coding for connectivity to the widest variety of third-party ISDN codecs.
  • ISDN calls can now be made from one Zephyr Xport to a second Xport, using Low Delay MPEG AAC-LD coding.
  • The latest optimized MPEG AAC-LD code from Fraunhofer IIS delivers dramatically improved fidelity for Low Delay IFB returns on POTS connections.

Users have rave reviews about the superior audio provided by Zephyr Xport. “[Xport’s] audio quality was outstanding,” wrote MichaelBlack, General Manager of Hobart College’s WEOS-FM, in a recent Radio World User Report. “The aacPlus algorithm provides great clarity and fidelity… We were amazed to hear how good the Xport sounded using POTS.”

Zephyr Xport utilizes a unique DSP-based modem architecture that enables use of an ordinary analog (POTS) telephone line for transmission of high-quality mono audio to an ISDN-connected Zephyr Xstream; an ISDN option can be ordered at time of purchase or added later. Xport also contains a built-in mixer with mic and line inputs and selectable dynamics processing by Omnia, a direct receive output, and a local mix of send and receive audio available on both headphone and line level outputs. Ethernet provides remote control via LAN or WAN and simplifies software updates; Xport also accepts direct PCM audio input from a personal computer via its 10/100Base-T port.

Zephyr Xstream owners can hear an instant demonstration of the superior audio capabilities Zephyr Xport by connecting with the Zephyr Xport Demonstration line. For instructions and detailed information about Zephyr Xport, please visit www.telos-systems.com/xport/.



Zephyr Xport — from Telos Systems
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