Telos Alliance® Telos Infinity® IP Intercom Software v2.0 Delivers Enhanced Integration and Control for Exciting New Functionality

Telos Infinity v2.0 offers enhanced integration options with Axia® mixing consoles, Telos Infinity® Virtual Intercom Platform (VIP), and third-party devices, along with free Infinity Dashboard Enterprise software.

Cleveland, Ohio (December 21, 2021) –Telos Alliance®—trusted global leader in broadcast audio for more than three decades—announced today the release of Telos Infinity® Software v2.0 for its revolutionary matrix-free IP Intercom platform. This update offers a free, updated version of Infinity’s Dashboard software, enhanced compatibility options, and includes firmware for Infinity panels, desktop stations, and beltpacks.

“This is a big step forward for the Telos Infinity family,” says Martin Dyster, VP of Business Development and Infinity Product Director at Telos Alliance. “Infinity has always been plug-and-play due to the design principles inherited from its Livewire+™ AES67 heritage, but these v2.0 integration enhancements open up new possibilities for users and make it easier to control Infinity using the broadcaster’s preferred method. We are excited to offer this free update to all Infinity users.” 
Free Telos Infinity Dashboard Enterprise Software?

The new Telos Infinity v2.0 update makes Infinity Dashboard Software free for all Infinity users, eliminating Dashboard’s former licensing scheme and giving users unfettered access to Dashboard’s entire feature set for systems of any size. The intuitive Telos Infinity Dashboard application offers users access to any networked audio endpoint for full configuration, unleashing the full potential of a distributed IP audio infrastructure.

Enhanced Compatibility
Telos Infinity v2.0 also makes Telos Infinity hardware systems fully compatible with the award-winning new Telos Infinity VIP Virtual Intercom Platform released earlier this year. Now, by adding seamless integration of Infinity VIP with the hardware-based Infinity IP Intercom system, users have a wide range of deployment options for diverse applications; whether on-prem, site-to-site, in the cloud, or as a hybrid of these. In addition to its broadcast applications, Infinity is increasingly finding a home in multiple market sectors.
New and existing Telos Alliance Axia product users will find the v2.0 update especially useful because it contains enhanced integration with Telos Alliance’s new line of Axia Quasar™ AoIP Mixing Consoles. Most prominently, Quasar users can now remotely access an Infinity panel (VIP or hardware series) via the Axia Quasar console’s central touchscreen. To further enhance the combination of Infinity and Quasar, both products now include dedicated features that intelligently integrate Control Monitor GPIO Logic, Console Mic (as an Intercom source), Intercom LS (as an Ext PFL source), and remote gain control of Intercom LS output level from Quasar.
With Infinity v2.0, dedicated GPIO functions are also extended to legacy Axia mixing consoles, Axia Fusion and Element, combining the mixer CR Monitor Logic functions. Quasar, Fusion, and Element users can also interrupt a backfeed from their console from an Infinity panel. Users may want to do this if a Radio Host, Director or Producer needs to talk back to a caller.
Additionally, Axia Pathfinder™ Core PRO Routing Controller now includes a comprehensive feature set enabling users to add Infinity panel (key and control) functions to Pathfinder virtual and physical control panels, extending Intercom functionality to Pathfinder powered workflows. 
Finally, integration with the third-party Elgato Stream Deck® is also included in v2.0, making it easy to control Telos Infinity IP Intercom using this popular device. This is particularly useful for VIP users who want tactile control of their virtual panel.
To download Telos Infinity v2.0, visit the Infinity Web Portal here:
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Justin Gelske
Marketing Coordinator, Telos Alliance
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